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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental and Natural Resources: Natural Resources Management Concentration, BS

Program Requirements

The Environmental and Natural Resources curriculum produces professionals who have a broad-based knowledge in natural resources and an ability to interact with other resource professionals to provide thoughtful solutions to environmental and natural resource problems. The world is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but the problems associated with their conservation are immense. Protection of rare and endangered species, preventing and controlling invasions of exotics, protecting old growth forests, restoring degraded ecosystems, and balancing the resource demands of industry and the public are some of the environmental issues which are enmeshed in politicized environments.

Three concentrations are offered within the Environmental and Natural Resources major, which is administered by the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation. The Conservation Biology Concentration is oriented toward students who desire a greater exposure to taxa, their habitats, and their interrelationships. The Natural Resources Management Concentration emphasizes both resource management and negotiation skills. The Natural Resource and Economic Policy Concentration provides more in-depth study in economics and policy applications.

Graduates in Environmental and Natural Resources are well prepared for further graduate studies in natural resources and related fields. Potential public sector employers of graduates include federal, state, and municipal resource management agencies, private industries impacting land and water resources, environmental management consulting firms, and various environmental advocacy groups.


Sophomore Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Junior Year

Credit Hours: 16

Credit Hours: 16

Senior Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Credit Hours: 14

Total Semester Hours: 121

1 Conservation Biology Concentration and Natural Resources Management Concentration students or students planning to take organic chemistry must take CH 1010   and CH 1020   and must satisfy the General Education Science and Technology in Society Requirement through another course.

2 See General Education  Requirements. Three of these credit hours must also satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirement.

3 A minor is required and must be selected from the list of acceptable minors for students in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences in Minors .

4 Internship (FNR 4900 ); Creative Inquiry (FNR 4700 ); Directed Research ( FNR 4910 ); or Senior Honors Thesis ( WFB 4630 ).