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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Packaging Science, BS

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Science prepares students for careers in industries producing and utilizing packages for all types of products. Packaging is an essential part of industrialized economies, protecting, preserving, and helping to market products. The field of packaging is highly competitive and highly innovative, requiring an ever-increasing number of professional positions.

Opportunities for employment include a wide variety of career paths such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, design, purchasing, quality assurance, and customer services. Most career opportunities are in positions requiring technical knowledge combined with marketing and management skills.

The core curriculum assures graduates of having the skills and knowledge required by most entry-level packaging positions. Emphasis area choices or minors allow students to select courses to improve career preparation for specific industry segments, including: Distribution, Transportation and Engineering Technology; Food and Health Care Packaging; Materials; and Package Design and Graphics. Alternatively, any University-approved minor may be completed.

Students changing majors into Packaging Science must:

  1. have an overall minimum GPA of 2.0; and
  2. have completed four of the following courses with an average GPA of 2.7: BIOL 1030 , BIOL 1040 , CH 1010 , CH 1020 , MATH 1060 , PHYS 1220 , PHYS 2070 , PHYS 2080 , PHYS 2210 ; or both MATH 1040  and MATH 1070 ; and
  3. have completed PKSC 1020  with a grade of B or higher.
Academic Program Fee

Please visit http://www.clemson.edu/cafls/departments/fnps/students/program_fee.html for detailed information about the departmental Academic Program Fee.

Combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Degree Program

The Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences also offers an accelerated five-year combined bachelor’s/master’s program that allows students to count up to twelve hours of graduate credit toward both the BS degree in Packaging Science and the MS degree in Packaging Science. Details are available from the Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences or at www.clemson.edu/fnps.

Program Requirements

Freshman Year

Credit Hours: 16

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 16

Sophomore Year


  • COOP 1010 - Cooperative Education 0 Credit 4

Junior Year

Senior Year

Credit Hours: 14

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 16

Total Credits: 125


1 Packaging Science majors are required to:

  1. Complete PKSC 1020 PKSC 2010 , PKSC 2020 , PKSC 2040 , PKSC 2060 , and PKSC 2200  with a grade of C or better before being allowed to register for PKSC 4010 , PKSC 4030 , PKSC 4040 , PKSC 4160 PKSC 4200 , PKSC 4300 , PKSC 4400 PKSC 4540 , and PKSC 4640 .
  2. Earn a C or better in all PKSC courses in order to graduate

2 See General Education Requirements . Three of these credit hours must also satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirement. Note: Social Science Requirement must be in an area other than economics or applied economics. A 2000-level or higher modern language course is recommended to satisfy the Arts and Humanities (Non-Literature) Requirement.

3 Students interested in minors or emphasis areas should take any prerequisites in the sophomore year.

4 At least one 15-week period of 40 hour weeks of Cooperative Education is required. A six-month period is preferred. Two 10-week summer periods of 40 hour weeks with the same company is an option.

5 PKSC 4040  and PKSC 4540  must be taken concurrently.

6 Completion of any emphasis area or university approved minor is required. Emphasis areas consist of 15 credits selected from one of the following areas (additional emphasis area courses may be approved by emphasis area coordinator):

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