Oct 25, 2021  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Turfgrass, BS

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Program Description

Turfgrass is a major part of our built environment and daily life, including home lawns, sports fields, and golf courses. Grassed areas are aesthetically attractive and provide many environmental benefits, including the prevention of soil erosion, noise reduction, improved water quality, and reduced injuries from sports.

Graduates pursue careers in management of professional golf courses and sports fields and in lawn care; production and sale of seed, sod, supplies, and equipment; or as technicians for businesses or government agencies. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in science, advanced business, and environmental and leadership skills that are needed for success in today's competitive environment. Courses in horticulture also provide a background for turfgrass managers who may have responsibilities for landscaped areas.

Students work closely with faculty in creative inquiry groups to investigate and implement solutions to real problems. Student interns experience a wide range of turf facilities, businesses, and public institutions to develop skills and experience needed for successful careers. In addition, the University's golf course (Walker Golf Course) and athletic fields offer great employment and learning opportunities.

Combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Degree Program

Turfgrass students may begin a Master of Science degree in Plant and Environmental Sciences or a Master of Science degree in Entomology while completing their Bachelor of Science degree, and use up to 12 credits to satisfy the requirements of both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees. To be eligible for this plan, students must have a 3.4 or higher grade-point average and have completed at least 90 credits of coursework. Details are available from the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

Program Requirements

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Credit Hours: 14

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 16


Credit Hours: 3

Junior Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 16

Credit Hours: 15

Credit Hours: 1

Senior Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 12

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 16

Total Credits: 120


1 See General Education Requirements . Six of these credit hours must also satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness and the Science and Technology in Society Requirements.

2 Internship must be completed in one or two semesters. First internship must be completed within one year after successfully passing HORT 2120 /HORT 2130 . Prior approval is required for internships, and a GPA of 2.0 is required for registration. Students are strongly encouraged to take multiple internships.

3 Nine credits selected from ACCT 2010 , ACCT 2020 , any 3000- or 4000-level AGRB course, ELE 3010 , ELE 4010 , ELE 3990 , LAW 3220 , any 2000-4000-level MGT or MKT course, or PRTM 4830  

4 Six credits selected from HORT 2020 , HORT 3080 , HORT 3090 , HORT 4000 HORT 4040 , HORT 4050 , HORT 4080 , HORT 4610 . Turfgrass internship courses do not count as HORT specialization courses.

5 Select PES 4460 , PES 4850 , or PES 4900 .

6 Nine credits selected from AGM 3010 , BIOL 3200 , BIOL 4060 , BIOL 4070 , BIOL 4410 , BIOL 4450 , BIOL 4460 , BIOL 4470 , ENSP 2000 , GEN 3000 , GEOL 1010 , GEOL 1030 , GEOL 3000 , PLPA 4020 , MICR 3050 , PES 4050 , PES 4080 , PES 4090 , PES 4900 , PHYS 2000 , PHYS 2070 , PHYS 2090 , PHYS 2400 , PHYS 2450 , WFB 4120  

* Note: Turfgrass majors must earn a C or better in all HORT courses. Courses may be repeated as often as necessary to achieve the minimum grade.

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