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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Forest Resource Management: Land Surveying Emphasis Area, BS

Program Description

The Forest Resource Management curriculum combines a broad education in the arts and sciences with applied forest sciences. This combination provides the necessary foundation for the scientific management of forest resources, products, and services.

Foresters are qualified for a broad spectrum of employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. They may be engaged as managers, administrators, or owners of forest lands or forest-based businesses; as technical specialists in the production of timber, usable water, wildlife, and aesthetic values, and in the recreational use of the forest; or as professionals in other areas where the conservation of natural resources is a concern. Foresters earning advanced degrees find employment in academic work and in research conducted by public and private agencies.

The curriculum, accredited by the Society of American Foresters, provides a strong program in the basic knowledge and skills required of a professional forester. Forest Resource Management majors will select a minor (see Minors ). The curriculum also provides the necessary prerequisites for graduate study.

For students interested in conservation biology, water, and natural resources, the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation also administers the Conservation Biology Concentration  and the Natural Resources Management Concentration  within the Environmental and Natural Resources degree program.

Program Requirements

Freshman Year

Credit Hours: 15

Credit Hours: 15

Sophomore Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 14

Credit Hours: 8

Junior Year

Credit Hours: 3

Senior Year

Total Credits: 129


1 See General Education Requirements . Three of these credit hours must also satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirement. (Note: Social Science Requirement must be in an area other than economics or applied economics.)

2 CH 1020 , PHYS 2000 , or one of the following combinations of higher level general physics courses: PHYS 2070  and PHYS 2090 ; or PHYS 2080  and PHYS 2100 . PHYS 2000  is highly recommended.

3 AGRB 2020 , ECON 2000 , ECON 2110 , or ECON 2120  

4 Summer internship must be in land surveying.

5 ENGL 3040 , ENGL 3140 , or ENGL 3150