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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Sciences: Prerehabilitation Sciences Emphasis Area, BA

Biology encompasses the broad spectrum of the modern life sciences, including the study of all aspects of life from the structure and function of the whole organism down to the subcellular levels and up through the interactions of organisms to the integrated existence of life on the entire planet. Descriptive, structural, functional, and evolutionary questions are explored through the hierarchy of the organization of life. Applications of current advances to the health and well-being of man and society, to nature and the continuation of earth as a balanced ecosystem, and to an appreciation of the place of natural science in our cultural heritage receive emphasis. Majors in Biological Sciences receive classroom, laboratory, and field training in biology with an emphasis on chemistry, mathematics, and physics as necessary tools.

Emphasis Area

Freshman Year

Credit Hours: 16

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 14

Sophomore Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 16

Junior Year

Credit Hours: 15

Second Semester

  • 4 Credits 11
  • Arts and Humanities (Non-Lit.) Requirement 3 Credits 10
  • Modern Language Requirement 3 Credits 7
  • Minor Requirement 6 Credits 12
Credit Hours: 16

Senior Year

First Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Second Semester

Credit Hours: 15

Total Semester Hours: 122

1 Rehabilitation programs require BIOL 1030 /BIOL 1050  and BIOL 1040 /BIOL 1060  or equivalent; however, BIOL 1100  and BIOL 1110  may be substituted.

2 See General Education Requirements .

3 STAT 2300  or other approved coursework. Professional schools have different mathematics requirements.

4 CH 2010  and CH 2020  may be substituted.

5 Most professional health sciences schools require two semesters of organic chemistry with laboratory, CH 2230 /CH 2270  and CH 2240 /CH 2280 .

6 GEN 3020  may be substituted.

7 Students must complete through 2020 in a modern language. See Modern Languages Requirement at Clemson University statement in Academic Regulations .

8 At least one lecture and associated laboratory selected from BIOL 3010 , BIOL 3020 /BIOL 3060 , BIOL 3030 /BIOL 3070 , BIOL 3040 /BIOL 3080 , BIOL 3200 , BIOL 4060 /BIOL 4070 , BIOL 4250 /BIOL 4260 .

9 BCHM 3010  may be substituted.

10 See General Education Requirements . Six of these credit hours must also satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness and the Science and Technology in Society Requirements.

11 Students appling to professional schools that require a course in exercise physiology may substitute BIOL 2220  and BIOL 2230  for BIOL 3150  and BIOL 3160  during their sophomore year.

12 See Minors . Psychology is recommended. The Medical University of South Carolina and other Rehabilitation Sciences programs require PSYC 2010  and PSYC 3830 .

13 ENGL 3140  may be substituted.

14 PHYS 1220 /PHYS 1240  may be substituted.

15 At least one course selected from BIOL 4100 , BIOL 4410 , BIOL 4420 , BIOL 4430 , BIOL 4460 , BIOL 4700 , MICR 4010  or MICR 4030 .

16 PHYS 2210 /PHYS 2230  may be substituted.

17 Students should select courses that satisfy specific prerequisite requirements for their professionalschool programs. For example, some Physical Therapy and Occupatinal Therapy programs require exercise physiology, medical terminology, abnormal psychology, or lifespan development courses. MICR 3050  is recommended for those applying to Physician Assistant programs.